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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awkward Situations

I was biking home from school today and decided that i wanted to make a "Awkward Situations" part of my blog. Awkward situations is going to be where you the viewer comments below with a awkward situation that i will give you advice for, tell you how that related to a event in my life, and than tell you what couldve been worse. DO NO WORRY this will not replace my mattlandia stories!


  1. jeremy wanted to touch jessica to see how she reacts and I said " NO! I don't touch people for the fun of it!!! and everyone heard me. Is that awkward enough for you? see what you can make out of this

  2. I cant enter the full situation because it would take about 12 years to complete. Hint: The situation is my life- im so awesome, I make un-awesome people feel awkward