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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Mattlandia

So, as many of you have heard we are experiencing some... technical difficultys with the pipeage in mattlandia. This is going to cost me a couple million pesos, which is ok because i get so much money from my atm setup. (i have a pipe connected to all the ATMs in the world, every second i get around 50000$
4500 pesos 5161 pounds 4613 Euros 723 Sheqels and  7322 Renminbi. and much much more. I currently own 32% of all the money in the world, and 5 times the us debt (16,488,020,100,142$ and counting! I also get plenty of money from my... shopping district (you guys know what i mean) Anywho, i am offering tours of mattlandia tommarow, in case you want to come the sign up sheet is a couple of posts below.

NOTE TO HUGO! i looked up your name on the website and what it said wasnt exactly very nice (or approprite) so i will not be putting it up on this blog.

Thats the end of todays post, if you want to see more just ask me.

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