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Friday, January 18, 2013


As you should know, the residents of Mattlandia are all penguins that I have shipped over from Antarctica (flipping expensive!!!) then taught to do whatever I want them to do. Most of them I name after famous people... (like John Penguin Booth, The Penguin and Penguin Sheen!)... then have them do things that that famous person did. I have my miner penguins (blow stuff up awww yea!!!), my government penguins (at least it makes it less boring!), factory penguins, and of course my CIA penguins. (little penguins with guns.. so cute!!) Of course I occasionally have someone say that they heard penguins during class, in which case I take them down and brainwash them! Some of you may think that at some point the principal of our school would find out and stop me from doing this, but of course I am not a dumb citizen. I have him in on it too, a good 500$ a month will keep anyone quiet for as long as he/she shall live. Also please note the fact that I did not start the cave that Mattlandia is currently located in, it was actually made by one of the students a long time ago that wanted to have a cool hangout place. Once I found it, I took it over and brought in millions of penguins to work on everything so I don't have to do any of the work.

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