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Friday, May 10, 2013

Not All That Dead

          Hey guys, i'm not dead, whether you like it or not. Figured i'd give you guys an update on Mattlandia, since you all seem to be dying to know what is happening.
          Well, it all started in march. The clogging was fixed and I started construction on building a lab, the stupid hipster penguins decided to blow a fuse and the whole cave went black, I tripped over a couple of baby penguins while walking to the fuse box. The parents got really pissed, So I left the lights off and ran out via my service elevator. I didn't go back until late April. It was mayhem. Tons of penguins waddling down the streets waving guns and calling me 'Da Man' and 'Da Prez'. I thought that the president, who at the time was Ritt Momney (aka Ritt Penguiny) was still ok and in the black house. Turns out he went backwards in 'The Tube' and ran. While he was gone all went to hell in Mattlandia. I decided to make a announcement with my 'Announcement thingy 9000' so that everyone would be able to hear it. I turned on the power first of course, then went to the Black House. I turned on the 'Announcement thingy 9000' and said, "HELLO MY FELLO JELLO's I AM BACK AND IM GOING TO SAVE YOU!!! WE WILL REBUILD THIS CITY AND WE WILL ALL BE OK! FIRST, WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT SINCE I CANT BE HERE ALL THE TIME! WHOEVER WANTS TO VOLUNTEER CAN COME TO THE BLACK HOUSE NOW! YOU MUST BE CAPABLE AND I WILL INTERVIEW EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU UNTIL I FIND THE BEST OF THE BEST PENGUIN.

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